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CYAC Takes On The World

     Most of you won’t be coming to this month’s production of 4 social action plays.  I’m not trying to guilt you into showing up, it’s just the way it is.  It’s my fault, or so I’ve been told ever since we did the first AIDS play back in ’95.  These plays have all the characteristics of a box office failure: bad language, confrontational situations, unsatisfactory resolutions, and, as if those weren’t enough, they’re one-acts, which means the audience has to endure not one, but two of these dramatic traumas [or traumatic dramas] in a single night.  They’re not really plays anyway; more like miserable moments of human experience.  So it’s okay if you don’t come.  Obviously, I understand.  

     But we’re going to do them anyway because just doing them matters.  Just doing them means our actors aren’t just standing by as their classmates are sexually assaulted, or raped, or murdered, or preyed upon by the older guy down the street.  Just doing these plays lets the silent victims in our schools and community know that they aren’t alone—that someone on the outside is willing to admit that these things are still happening and that there are young people out here who understand.  

     See?  You don’t have to come. By just reading this you’ve already helped the cause.  If you want to spread the word that we’re doing these, well, that would help everyone even more.  And if you want to come, well that’s great too. Tickets are $15 per adult and $8.00 per student/senior, per night, available at the door or online at

Four One-Act Plays About Teen Issues That Adults Choose To Ignore