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     Okay, so here's the deal.  CYAC is not, nor will it ever be an official 501c3 non profit corporation. If we were, we'd have to have an extended board of directors who would want to tell us what to write, what to produce, and who to cast in order to put the butts in the seats and, in their eyes anyway, keep the company afloat.  Frankly, if all of us would pay our own way tax-wise, this place would be a whole lot better off.  So we'll do our share, pay the taxes we owe and enjoy the freedom that we've earned by it.

     What that means for you is that we are not tax deductible.  If you want to give us a few dollars because you appreciate what we do, that's great, but you can't take it off your tax return.  We'll do our part by paying taxes on everything you give us and the community will be a happy place all the way around.  



West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts

Mr. Bob Mason

Christine Weiss Daugherty and Chuck Daugherty in memory of Alan Sinclair

The Glassburn family in memory of Laura Glassburn     

Horner and Freddie Davis

The Books A Million Foundation

Bob Sylvester and Kathy Lester

and the dozens of patrons who've told us to keep the change.


Want to send us a check?  Cool.  Send us a message and we'll tell you how and where.  Or click on the donate button and use PayPal. Thanks for thinking of us!