Morning Prayer

     When idealistic young Episcopal Priest, Alva Watson, volunteers to take of the scandal-ridden and nearly forgotten innter-city parish of St. Bartholomew's, she comes face to face with the issues and attitudes plaguing inner city churches of all denominations across the country.  Deep seeded prejudice, territoriality, poverty and crime are only the tip of the iceberg as Alva takes on the entire bureacracy of Christianity and its overlying mission of security over charity and materialism over Christian idealism.  

     Maddie Wright leads this well-seasoned cast as the young priest; with Dan Kehde as her Bishop; Nik Tidquist as the aging hooker, Homer; Caroline Chamness as Lady Sue, the pimp; Kayla Skidmore as old schooler Dee Dee Cooley; Abbey Connett as Gina, the young victim and prostitute; Matt Connelly as Mr. Cooley and Luke Gambill as Morton.  The play is rated pg13 for violence and adult situations.

     Show dates are

7 pm July 14,15,16 and 2 pm on Sunday, July 17

on stage at the Elk City Playhouse.  


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