And it's expensive.  More expensive than any place else. $50 per session, one session per week, payable monthly, in advance.  

   Like I said it's not for everyone.   But you'll know more about the art of acting than anyone in your first year college classes, if that's worth anything to you.  And you'll have the information to enable you to conquer the more difficult roles--though whether you use it or not is entirely up to you.  

   I limit the class size to 2-6.  If there are more, I'll start another class, but that's never happened yet, and I doubt it ever will.  

   Those of you who've taken my acting class at Arts Camp have gotten a taste of what this class is like--intense, serious, difficult.  

   Interested? Let me know.  I'm always willing to start a new class if we have enough folks.  

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    Alright. So there are a lot of acting classes being offered these days. Most of them are pretty good. You should look at some of them before you make the decision which one you want to take.  If you're like most of the kids who do theater around here, you'll get everything you need from any one of those classes. And they're cheaper, easier, and probably a whole lot more convenient and fun than mine.  Go for it.  A lot of the kids who do our shows have.  No problem.

   My class is definitely not for everyone.  It's high intensity, two hour sessions working on techniques developed by the pros over the nearly one hundred years of what you could call modern theater.  I stress realism and follow the schools of thought started by Stanislavski and continued through such masters as Adler, Meisner, Strasberg, Hagen, Mamet and others.  It's hard work and probably unnecessary if you're planning on any career or major other than theater.